Thursday, January 24, 2013

Schedule January 25-31, 2013

Dear New Parkway Lover:

This might be our best quality week yet.  Most of our movies are above 90 on Rotten Tomatoes, and you still get most all of them for $6 at the New Parkway, 474 24th St,  Incredible value and we now have free parking (across from 450 24th St) to boot.  Here are some highlights:

•The debut of Brooklyn Castle which seems similar but perhaps even better than my beloved Mad Hot Ballroom
•A couple last showings of Chasing Ice
•Something other than football on the big screen for Sports Sunday, so come on out to boo or cheer on Kobe
•Not one but two midnight screenings, on Friday and Saturday night
•Bond, James Bond

Here’s what Adam has to say about this week’s three features:

Hi All,

Another week gone. We are stepping ever closer to the apocalypse. And the new Superman movie coming out this June. We have a wonderful mix of movies this week. From a gargantuan action juggernaut to a documentary with the budget size of Daniel Craig's masseuse, we have something for everyone here. 

Life of Pi
If you haven't been to see Life of Pi at the New Parkway yet, you must have been very busy for the last two weeks. You must be a doctor saving lives, working 7 days a week and seeing your kids on your morning off (or your mistress on your evening off). Because this thrilling (11 Academy Award nominations) masterwork demands to be seen. On a big screen. With a popcorn bowl in your lap and a cool beverage in your hand. Even if you are not a cardiovascular surgeon with better things to do. 

There is a reason 'Life of Pi' has been on at the New Parkway for the last 2 weeks. People are flocking to see it. It is time you joined the party and see this before it leaves the big screen. I can almost see your dejected face, 5 months from now, when you are watching it on your tiny 46 inch TV, hopelessly thinking 'why did I miss out on this in January'. 

James Bond can be an acquired taste. He has been accused of misogyny (unlike me, he actually has a case to answer for). He went through a hilarious cheesy patch in the 80's (although I look back on Octopussy with fond nostalgic glee) before getting vicious with Timothy Dalton in the early 90's. Daniel Craig started with the best Bond movie in decades with 'Casino Royale' before descending into tedium with 'Quantum of Solace' (I literally remember nothing from that movie- NOTHING, no plot comes to mind). 

Thankfully 'Skyfall' is a wonderful return to form for Craig. He is helped immensely by Sam Mendes (Oscar winning director of American Beauty) and some beautiful photography by Roger Deakins (a Coen Brothers favorite). The plot actually makes sense and it is just wonderful fun. On the 50th anniversary of the Bond franchise, they pulled out all the stops and this is non-stop thrilling stuff. It even has Adele (most overplayed singer in the history of the world) doing the theme song. Do not resist. Just embrace. Bond only comes once every few years. 

Brooklyn Castle
After getting your popcorn entertainment fill of Skyfall, your mind will be replaying multiple explosions, chase sequences and Javier Bardem as a delicious villain. You will need something solid, meaty and juicy (I must be hungry) to fill up the cotton candy whirling around your brain. Brooklyn Castle is the answer. Inner city public school documentary? Check. Championship winning chess team? Check. Hard working teachers? Check. 

Here is just a selection of adjectives that critics have been using to describe it (98% Rotten Tomatoes): enlightening, inspiring, expertly crafted, irresistibly uplifting, and powerful. If you go and see a typical movie you might nitpick your way through the plot, acting and ending but sometimes a movie comes along that is truly transcending. Experience it and you won't forget it. 


And now for some words about our non-features:

Midnight Grindhouse—our new monthly grindhouse horror series, which will run the last Friday of the month at midnight.  This Friday, we’re showing Zombi with an intro to the film and general mischief provided by horror hostess Misery Ann Mayhem!  I comprehend absolutely nothing of what I just wrote and know less about this than I do about burlesque.  Will there be grinding in the house?  Come check it out.  Info and advance tickets at:

Chase Some Ice—We’re offering two more showings of Chasing Ice on Saturday afternoon.  All of these shows of this brilliant documentary have sold out, so either get your tickets in advance or show up well before the showing:

Mosquita y Mari—Since this award-winning film sold out on Sunday, we’re adding two more shows since so many people expressed to us that they wanted to see it.   Read more about it at:  Get your advance tickets at:

Grease is the Word—We’ve got the Barely Legal crew, the ones who used to do Rocky Horror at the old Parkway, leading a Grease sing along on Saturday night at midnight.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Instead of doing the hand-jive in the privacy of your own home, why not come do it with scores of onlookers? Advance tickets at:

Sports Sunday—After riding the 49er wave all the way through the NFC Championship game (Super Bowl advance tickets at, we’re now turning our attention to the NBA.  We’ll first have the Lakers and Thunder (be a true Warriors fan and come boo Kobe) followed by the Hawks and the Knicks.  Doors open at noon on Sunday with big screen TV lasting until 5PM.   It’s better than any sports bar out there!

Spectrum Queer Cinema—After a sold out house of Mosquita y Mari, is there any chance that there will be seats in the house this week?  Come see “Endgame: AIDS in Black America” with the filmmaker and experts in the house.  Buy your advance tickets and join the discussion.  Info at:

Thrillville--Sunday, January 27, 6pm, Thrillville Theater presents ENTER THE DRAGON (1973), Bruce Lee's immortal martial arts masterpiece, co-starring John Saxon and John Kelly as his fellow ass-kickers:

Parkway Classics—On Thursday, Parkway Classics presents John Hughes' ageless tale of teenage romance PRETTY IN PINK (1986), starring Molly Ringwold and Jon Cryer, bursting with classic '80s songs and fashions. "Everything's duckie!"  More info and advance tickets at:

Double Baby Brigade—Two showings of Baby Brigade next Monday, 4:30 and 6:30PM.  Good movies but we need more babies so that this theme night can really represent its name.  So come on out for some adult fun with baby in tow.  All ages welcome!  Check the schedule for what’s playing this week:

2 for 1 Wednesday—Every Wednesday, two people for the price of one.  Included in this are…

Senior Special—a special 3:30 showing (or approximately that) geared towards the senior crowd, but open to everyone.

Afterschool Special—since school gets out early on Wednesdays in Oakland, we hope that students will come join us for a 4PM showing of a teen-friendly movie.  And at 2 for 1 prices, perhaps the whole family would like to attend.

For the full schedule, please check out:, or our home page with a synopsis of all of our current offerings.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the theater!


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