Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Big Cheesy

Many people love eating pizza while watching movies. Also while not watching movies. But by and large, indulging in both pleasurable pastimes simultaneously is popularly deemed by the public at large as a sensuously satisfying experience. The Parkway was both famous and infamous for its pizza, which was only part of a wide-ranging, often-changing menu. Some folks loved it, others hated it, while many were neutral and just grateful for the option. And in sundry cases, it was washed down with beer and/or wine so it ultimately didn't matter much. Palates differ from patron to patron, and there's nothing more subjective than tastes in food. Except maybe sex. And movies. You can't please everybody all the time in any of these fields of common interest. In any case, The New Parkway is promising consistent quality and service regarding its entire menu, which will be quite eclectic, concocted by experienced, highly qualified culinary experts. The basic goal  and general idea is to become established as a Bay Area-wide destination both as a distinguished restaurant and as a unique  theater. The menu matters as much as the movies.

There's nothing more fun than watching a good (or bad) movie while eating a good (or bad) pizza, but if you're enjoying a great pizza, then even a so-so movie suddenly seems better, too. At least a little. Especially if you throw in the beer. Not literally, of course. And no sex on the sofas, either, please. Let's keep it clean (except maybe on the screen, depending on the program.) Though you can always come back to Baby Night after private procreation. We'll make dinner and do the dishes, too. Cheers.

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