Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monsters Attack Thrillville at The Parkway!

Today's entry will be more of a photo essay  since, like you, I am preparing for the holidays so this blog will be brief, at least word-wise. Below is a pictorial review of the many featured creatures who stomped across The Parkway stage and lobby during my Thrillville gig's twelve year run. These monsters and mutants may make return engagements at The New Parkway, so beware...cheers.

Gamera, guest wheel-spinner

Godzilla vs. Mothra!
Godzilla, August Ragone, Bob Johnson

Gorilla X vs. the Tiki Goddess!
Gorilla X vs. El Thrillermo!

It came from Cinema Insomnia!

Metaluna Mutant attacks the Tiki Goddess!

Tiki Goddess meets Tor!
Mega Fant!

Space Monster and Mega Fant vs. the Tiki Goddess!


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