Monday, November 26, 2012

Horror Host Palooza!

Over the years hosting, programming and producing Thrillville at The Parkway, I had the honor of sharing the big stage with many professional "horror hosts," besides Bob Wilkins and John Stanley of Creature Features fame (more on those epic shows here). While I met many of them via the Creature Features reunions at The Parkway, we continued to network and present separate "spook shows" and fright festivals throughout the year. I never considered myself a "horror host" per se - more like a B movie beatnik lounge lizard - which is why I've pretty much retired the fez to pursue my true passion, writing. But these folks are hardcore. They are living their dreams, and it was always a pleasure both for the audience and me when they co-hosted Thrillville. 

Posters by Strephon Taylor

In October 2005, I decided to assemble them all like The Avengers of Schlock for one big Halloween show, which I called "Horror Host Palooza." I called together Thrillville regulars Mister Lobo of Cinema Insomnia, Ms. Monster and her Melons, and Dr. Goulfinger, along with my Midwest doppelganger Rock 'n' Roll Ray, Cleveland's Son of Ghoul, and a dude named Adam Strange from LA, for 35mm screenings of Al Adamson's Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1971) and Ted V. Mikels' Astro Zombies (1968) - a particularly sleazy double bill, of which I was quite proud - along with live theremin by Robert Silverman, yet another frequent and popular Thrillville guest. It was such a smash hit that I put together a couple of more Horror Host Paloozas after that, with John Stanley and Bob Wilkins joining the gang. 

I plan on bringing back a lot of my fearsome friends to guest host Thrillville Theater at The New Parkway on Sunday evenings, including guys I never had a chance to work with while The Parkway was open, like Johnny Legend and Lord Blood-Rah. I may show up and present a movie now and then, but by and large, I'm retired from that scene. I'm leaving it to the professionals. Cheers.

Mr. Lobo emerges from the pod...
With Lobo and Bob Wilkins
Ms. Monster and her Melons!
Son of Ghoul and John Stanley
With Son of Ghoul and Rock 'n' Roll Ray
Live theremin by Robert Silverman!

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