Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Year's Eve at The Parkway

One annual event that never really took off the Parkway New Year's Eve Party. We only did it about three years in a row, as I recall. Each admission included free champagne, a celebratory menu, dancing, and specially selected themes. themes. One was a disco party where we showed Saturday Night Fever then opened up the floor with a DJ, moving all the couches away from the stage area so folks dressed up like 70s relics 'n' rejects could boogie the night away. Another time we threw a toga party and showed Animal House. That was my favorite. But again, unlike our Oscar Bash, which sold out in minutes and packed both screens, the NYE concept simply didn't attract enough patrons to warrant staying up so late. 

The New Parkway may or may not throw a New Year's Party this year, or next. In any case, I'll probably be staying home anyway. Cheers.

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