Friday, November 16, 2012

Live Brrrrlesque At The Parkway!

Twilight Vixens: burlesque troopers
On December 7, 2006, I presented a beautiful, newly struck 35mm of the 1957 "classic" The Giant Claw, about a gigantic mutant space bird attacking the Earth, at The Parkway and called it "Thrillville's Big Holiday Turkey Roast." I pitched the movie as a "long lost Christmas classic" and booked popular local burlesque troupe The Twilight Vixen Revue - frequent guests on that big stage - to perform their Xmas show. It was a great night. (See live video of the show here.)

The original Thrillville tiki bar set
The only problem was the big heater was broken, and it was freezing. Remember, this was December. In fact, the heater had been broken for a while by that point and would continue to be broken for a while longer while technicians tried to figure out how to fix the archaic equipment. Few people realized that the old Parkway - initially built circa 1926 - was a monstrous mess of electrical, heating and plumbing problems, and we barely kept that boat afloat for the duration of our occupancy. But here's the rub: the fact that the heater busted just as Winter began and stayed busted for most of the season did not deter our hardcore loyal patrons from showing up in their usual droves. Their response to the chilly temperatures? They brought their own blankets. It was a heart-warming sight. Literally. That is love. 

Festive fun for all!
As for the bold and beautiful Twilight Vixens, dancing cheerfully to traditional Christmas tunes in the dark, icy cavern with hardly any clothes on at all, much less blankets, Monica Tiki Goddess's quip from the stage summed up their experience: "Their nipples aren't hard because they're turned on...." 

Poster by R. Black

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